NAS EarlyBird Plus Programme

What is EarlyBird Plus?

This is a ten week Programme that combines both group sessions and individual home visits. It is delivered to parents of children that have both a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and whose child is aged over 4 and under 9 years of age. Alongside the parents/carers, a professional that works with the child also attends. A book for participating team members accompanies the programme and real life stories and video clips are used to illustrate the content.

What are the aims of the EarlyBird Plus Programme?

  • The aims are to empower the parents/carers.
  • To provide a consistent approach between home and school by training both parents and professionals together.
  • To establish good practice approaches and strategies both in the home and in school.

What will I learn about?

The EarlyBird Plus Programme will help you:

  • Understand your child’s Autisim Spectrum Disorder.
  • Help improve communication with your child.
  • Help to develop practical strategies towards behaviours and help to pre-empt and manage them in the future.

Comments from EarlyBird Families:

“The EarlyBird Programme teaches us to step back and detect why is the behaviour happening? What can I do to change it? More importantly developing an empathy with the child”. (Professional)

“Our whole family has changed, we are direct, we use less language…. visuals, visuals, visuals. because our son is verbal we always assumed he did not need them. Once we implemented visuals we realised that his behaviours changed dramatically and problem behaviours vanished”. (Parent)

“The Course has completely changed my relationship with … I do things with her now that I would never have done before”. (Parent)

What do I do next?

Please contact the Trainers, Melanie Barnett or Catherine Ephgrave, for further information:

Tel: 01202 886083


Upcoming Dates

All FoBs sessions held here at Beaucroft are postponed until further notice due to covid restrictions.

Should you require any help or advice at all, then please email or contact us on 01202 886083.