Art and Design

Within the Early Years’ Curriculum, Art is taught via the Pre-formal Model. Here the students learn the fundamental Art skills of mark-making and early drawing and sketching techniques. Our young students learn to cut, stick and manipulate craft tools. Also, there are opportunities to progress and build on techniques learnt by using a variety of materials (from crayon to clay) and create both 2D and 3D Artwork.

The Junior, Middle and Senior students follow both the Semi-Formal and Formal Models of the Curriculum. The themes for their Artwork are linked to Topic Work covered over a Three Year Rolling Program. This Program builds on the creative techniques and skills learnt year on year, e.g. an Early Years student’s self-portrait may only contain a few circles and lines to depict their face. Whereas a Senior student’s self-portrait should begin to show a distinct likeness to the individual and be represented in a range of appropriate materials.

In Post 16 Art and Design is taught discreetly. The students have opportunities to join optional drawing, sketching and pottery workshops. As well as producing craft products linked to our Enterprise and D of E schemes.