Activities in post-16

Classes 1 and 4 have been demonstrating fantastic sportsmanship during their Sports lessons this term. They worked together to design a series of challenges that would build their strength and speed, as well as help to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Each week they have tried to complete the challenges, gaining points along the way. For example they tried to see how many times they could hit a shuttle cock into the air, without letting it hit the ground – whilst at another stand they tried to throw a ball through different ‘Quidditch Hoops’ gaining points for each successful goal. It has been fantastic to see how their points scores have increased – as well as their willingness to support each other and work as a team. 

Class 1 have also been developing their culinary skills this term. Each half term they choose a new recipe cook and eat for their midday meal. Working in a team, they have learnt to make a shopping list  and visit the supermarket and buy produce. They have then collaborated in teams of four, working on alternative weeks to follow a visual recipe and produce a meal ‘fit for any restaurant’. So far they have learnt to cook Spaghetti Bolognese; Pizzas (from scratch) and Sausages with seasonal vegetables and mashed potato. They are also learning kitchen skills and hygiene skills too! 

Post-16 Arts Award recording studio visit

We wrote a song!

A piece by Performing Arts Students at Beaucroft College AKA BCDC (Beaucroft College Dynamite Crew!)

This is the first year that Beaucroft College have embarked on a Performing Arts Award journey. This journey is all about us, what we want to learn and how we want to share our skills, talents and interests. We discovered that as a group, we all loved music so we decided that we wanted to learn how to write and produce a song of our own using all our different skills. First we had a meeting to decide what we wanted get out of our sessions and we decided unanimously that we wanted to build our confidence, so we wrote a song about that! Through the project we have learnt how to write lyrics and how to understand rhythm by using our bodies through dance, body percussion and playing instruments. We have learnt how to use our voices, and how we can be heard in positive and creative ways. We composed our song and then took it to Matt Black at Hangover Hill Studios in Wimborne to record our work professionally. There we learnt all about mixing and record producing and working as a team. We have had the best fun and these are some of things we felt about our project – ‘magic happened’, ‘I was able to sing solo and in a group’, ‘Its all been amazing’, ‘I loved doing my solos and singing with my friends’, ‘Matt put an echo on my popcorn body percussion sound, it was great’.

Watch this space! Very soon our song, ‘CONFIDENCE’, will be released! First it will be played on several radio stations including Wimborne Radio station, Black on Track and Wired with Ben Bennett before being released on CD, and Bandcamp ( a streaming platform that will allow us to raise money from downloads). Next we are going to be working with a graphic designer to design our group logo and CD cover, and we will be releasing our song for sale later in the year, hoping to raise money for more exciting creative arts projects at Beaucroft.

Post-16 Class 6 in the community

Class 6 have been learning about different places in our community. We have learned more about places such as shopping centres, cafes, supermarkets, and hairdressers. We have even had a go at running our own Class 6 Cafe!

  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Camera

Football Report – Beaucroft v Portfield

On Wednesday 8th November Beaucroft hosted a football fixture with Portfield School. Heavy rain put the match in doubt but fortunately the rain stopped and after a pitch inspection at 12 noon, the game was on!

With Mr Barnett refereeing, the game kicked off. Beaucroft started brightly but Portfield were very competitive and there were chances for both sides. Eventually Beaucroft were able to make the breakthrough and goals from Alfie and Tyler gave Beaucroft a 2 – 0 lead. Frequent substitutions by team coach Sam Smith ensured that all Beaucroft squad members were involved on the pitch. As half time approached, a fantastic double save by Beaucroft keeper Cody kept the score at 2 – 0 to Beaucroft.

At half time as all the players enjoyed refreshments, Charlie observed that Portfield had improved a lot since the last fixture and sure enough, shortly after the start of the second half, Portfield pulled a goal back to make the score 2 – 1. Two quickfire goals from Finley looked to have given Beaucroft a commanding 4 – 1 lead, but the drama was just beginning. A handball in the Beaucroft box, and referee Joe Barnett had no hesitation in pointing to the spot. The penalty was well struck giving Cody no chance and that made it 4 – 2. Portfield continued their comeback and two more goal had the match at 4 – 4 heading into the last few minutes. A quick break down the right and Finley crossed to find Tyler unmarked at the back post and his shot hit the back of the net. The final whistle giving Beaucroft the victory by the scoreline 5 – 4.

Players from both sides congratulated each other on a match played in great spirit with no fouls committed by either side. Everyone is looking forward to the next fixture.

Special thanks to the following:

  • Sandra for providing half time drinks and snacks
  • Mr Barnett for refereeing superbly
  • Sam Smith for team tactics and making regular substitutions to ensure that all players in the squad had a chance to play
  • Nigel for arranging for pitch preparations
  • Mrs Trow for washing the very muddy shirts
  • Diane Williamson for bringing Harry from Post 16 College so he could play
  • All staff and pupils who supported and encouraged the team.

C2 Community Garden

Class 2 have been busy down at the community garden supporting the volunteers. We have been every Wednesday and Jane leaves us a list of jobs to do from planting tulips, to weeding, to moving the topsoil. This week, the community garden is preparing for their sensory garden and C2 have been moving the leftover turf to the pond area. They then made a mound from the ground to the pond to help the wildlife to access the water. It was a messy but fun job! We are looking forward to seeing all the pond life in the spring term.