Exercising at Home and PE Lesson Ideas

Virtual Challenges and Competitions

Here are some sports resources, from the Virtual School Games website, to engage with as part of home-learning:

  1. Virtual athletics
  2. Virtual cricket
  3. Virtual Gymnastics (competition window next week)
  4. Virtual Tennis
  5. Virtual Football
  6. Shuffle Dance Challenge
  7. Cup song Challenge

They are all PDFs with videos to watch, tasks to perform and scores to record. 
The page link is https://www.pedssa.com/virtual-school-games-2/

Here are some virtual cricket and inclusive cricket ideas you can try at home with your child

Below is a very useful timetable of various online PE resources and activities


Here are some new fun PE activities you can try at home!

Active Kids Do Better – 10 Indoor Inclusive PE Games

Tennis Lessons with Iain and Ella!

Britt Adams Sing Along

30 minutes of action songs and rhymes for the under 5’s to enjoy. 10am each day.


Get Moving With Disney Family

Disney-fueled fun. The perfect way to break a sweat without leaving the comfort of your own home!

Disney Inspired Workouts