This document sets out the Policy of Beaucroft School with respect to Admissions. For the purposes of this policy, the Governing Body of the School is the admission authority.

The School aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality.

Every year the governing body will review and publish information concerning the School’s admission policy. This will confirm the maximum number of children to be admitted to the School as a whole, the Pupil Admissions Number (PAN).

In accordance with government legislation, the governing body will consult with the Local Authority and other local schools in respect of the admissions policy.


The overriding aim of this policy is that it should work for the benefit of all children and parents/guardians in our area. It should be simple to use and assist parents/guardians to take the best decisions on the preferred school for their children. It should contribute to improving standards for all pupils.

The School aims to provide a place for children with identified special educational needs.

Documentary evidence of residence will be required. This should include the child’s NHS medical card, together with a recent utilities bill, council tax bill, bank statement, or tenancy agreement. Where a child lives with parents with shared responsibility each part of the week, the “home address” will be considered to be the address of the person whose name is on the child benefit booklet. This may be a different address to that printed on the book itself.

However, parents should not assume that a place will automatically be allocated to their child.

Admissions Panels for the School are held once each term.  Applications are referred by the local authority’s SEN Casework Officer up to three weeks prior to the Panel date.  To be referred to the Admissions Panel a child must either:

  • Be at School Action Plus (or Early Years Action Plus for pre-school children); or
  • Have an Education Health Care Plan

The School cannot guarantee places for children when there are no places available.

A decision on the admission of new entrants will be made following each admissions panel and subject to suitable arrangements being in place to meet the child’s needs. The parents or guardians will receive written notification of the outcome as soon as possible.


The admissions policy of the School is, while there are adequate places, to offer a place to all applicants irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity or country of origin, disability or academic ability.

Admissions are subject to there being adequate places available in class and adequate teaching capacity/support.

Admissions are subject to any constraints upon the school by the relevant authority.

Exceptional Circumstances

Where necessary the school reserves the right in such cases to seek supporting evidence from a doctor, social worker or education welfare officer as appropriate.

For children of statutory school age, only in the most exceptional of circumstances will the school agree to defer entry to the school once an offer of a place is made, especially where such a deferral might deny a school place to another child.

Once an offer of a school place has been made it may only be lawfully withdrawn in very limited circumstances, which include an offer of place based upon a fraudulent or misleading application. Where an offer of place is withdrawn, the application will be considered afresh, and a right of appeal offered if an offer of place is refused.

Appeals Procedure

Parents have a right of appeal through the SEN Casework Officer against the decision of the Admissions Panel to refuse application for a school place. Details of the appeals procedure are sent out with all refusal letters.

Enquiries about this policy should be addressed to: The Chair of Governors.

Note: Subject to the above policy and the relevant appeals procedure, decisions regarding admissions will be the responsibility of the Governing Body.