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Science at Home

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Planting sunflower seeds

We ordered some sunflower seeds from our local garden centre and planted them at home.

What we used:

  • Bag of Compost
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Plant pots

The steps we took to plant our seedsā€¦

  1. Fill each pot with compost.
  2. Make a 1.5 cm deep hole in the centre of the compost, with your index finger.
  3. Drop 1 seed into each hole and cover the seeds with compost.
  4. Water each pot and leave them in a sunny window.
  5. Move the pots outside to a sunny (wind sheltered) space once they start to shoot. You may want to use some canes/sticks to support your flowers as they grow taller.

Remember to water your seeds regularly to help them grow tall and strong!

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Using bottles filled with water to make a tune
Air pressure vs water pressure
Planting pepper seeds
Sound vibrations
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