Mental Health and Relaxation

Paula Preece has created this great Mindfulness and relaxation guide which you can try at home

Educational Psychology Service helpline for parents and carers

If you’re concerned about how your child is coping during coronavirus and you live in the Dorset Council area, you can request a 30 minute consultation with one of our educational psychologists.

Consultations are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 4:45pm.

Calls are confidential unless there’s a risk of harm to you, your child or someone else. 

Call 01305 228300 to ask for an appointment.

More information is available here:

Educational Psychology Service helpline for parents and carers

Support for working through difficult thoughts and feelings

Many of us are experiencing difficult feelings at the moment. It’s completely normal to feel scared, distracted, angry, frustrated or sad. We all react differently to events and change, and that’s ok.

Nicola O’Driscoll, Educational Psychologist, has recorded this advice on dealing with difficult feelings. 

Are you worried about how your child is coping during lockdown and need some more support? You can request to speak to an Educational Psychologist using the new helpline for parents and carers

Easy Yoga Stretches for Kids

Aromatherapy – Relax and Improve Well being

Different Ways to Use Essential Oils

 How to give an easy head massage

Hand Massages, Relaxation & Headspace and Reflexology Self-Treatment

How to hand massage
Relaxation and headspace
10-step hand reflexology self-treatment

Relaxation Colouring Pack

A very simple easy way to relax and give your mind a rest is adult colouring also known as Art Therapy. It’s something that everyone can do young or old.

Download the Relaxation Colouring Pack below: