Friends of Beaucroft

The Association of Friends of Beaucroft School is an independent charity dedicated to raising money for the School.  We are parents, staff and friends of the School who want to make a difference by giving the children those extras, which make Beaucroft unique in its quality of teaching.

We meet four times a year to discuss our progress with fund raising and to pool ideas for raising money.  Our aim is provide support to the School, by buying equipment or providing funds for social events.

New members are welcome throughout the year.  New ideas, fresh inspiration and more helping hands are in constant demand? please join us!  The Association is friendly and relaxed, our events are fun and exciting, and you will get to know other parents and staff too!

Our projects have been varied and challenging.  Every year Friends donates a gift of £50 to each class to spend as they wish.  This has been very well received and school staff have involved students in choosing how to spend the money.  One class needed arts equipment and decided to make the most of their cash by going to a car boot sale!  Other classes have bought digital cameras, which help children to record and discuss their activities on return to the classroom.  For some children, visual prompts are essential aids to their education.

Junior school children have enjoyed using new trikes and bikes, specially designed for them.  We have raised money for the new senior kitchen, musical instruments; made substantial contributions to the swimming pool.

Our Current project is to raise a significant amount of money for the development of a play area specifically for the younger children in both the junior and ASD departments.

If you would like to be involved, please contact the School Office.


Charity Registration No: 269510

Friends of Beaucroft Meeting Dates 2022