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Recent comments from parents of pupils new to Beaucroft

Beaucroft is amazing!

C has settled really well, he’s happy to go to school in the morning, even when he was ill, he’s always happy when he gets home too, I’m so pleased at how settled he is.

M is loving being at Beaucroft and is excited to go every day 🙂 I’m so pleased we managed to get him in to such an amazing school.

F seems to be enjoying school and is thrilled to have made some friends. He is noticeably much happier after school/in the evenings than he was before and is keen to go to school in the mornings. In his last school he was often on his own as he had his own curriculum , so it’s nice that he is always part of the class now.

B has settled really well and is actually excited to go to school!

I feel B has settled into Beaucroft amazingly well, traveling in the taxi each day makes her feel very grown up. She said all her teachers are so lovely and she loves all the activities she is doing.

The school is perfect for him. He always loved school because he wanted to be with his friends, but he was unable to meet any of the educational expectations and struggled socially and we had noticed him becoming less and less happy. He Still misses his old friends as it is early days, but he is definitely noticing that the expectations are achievable and fun and he is back to his normal happy self again.

J absolutely LOVES Beaucroft and has settled in brilliantly. We couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

B has had a year out of school. I was concerned with how he would be now he is so happy uo and ready for school he has everything sorted the night before and so happy.

A is loving coming into Beaucroft College. The transition process worked very well and there were no problems easing into her new setting.

We are so very pleased with A’s transition to Beaucroft from mainstream. A is excited to attend school each day and seems to have settled in well. The staff are very warm and friendly to us all.

Recent Comments from parents

I can not thank each and every one of the staff in Portland enough for everything they have done and continue to do so to help and support *. 

She’s definitely loving her time at school and she’s a very different and happy young girl now and that’s all down to all the staff I literally can’t not thank you enough. 

Beaucroft and all the staff are amazing you all do a amazing job. 

Thanks again 

I wanted to email to express my thanks to you and the team who have supported * this past year. 

I wanted to let you all know how much your care, understanding and belief in * has meant. 

He has really developed this past year and I can see him developing into a wonderful young man, a far cry from the young sick child. 

Thank you all for being approachable, for listening when needed and supporting to do the best for *. I see a very bright future for him and am very excited at where he will be ( now to work him hard and manage the forthcoming teenage hormones!)

Have a wonderful summer break.

Below are some recent quotes from our most recent parent questionnaire:

“The staff are fabulous and work very hard”

“My son is so happy and settled at school, he is excited to go every morning. That’s a credit to you all, thank you so much!”

“Our child has been at Beaucroft since reception. Our child is very happy there and we are too. I can not thank the staff enough for what they do with our children they are just brilliant!”

“Wonderful school. We count our lucky stars our child attends Beaucroft.”

“Beaucroft is like a family away from home! Can’t really explain quite how much you’ve helped us!”

“Great school. Great staff! Thank you.”

“We feel very fortunate to have our children at this school. Thank you.”

“I love everything about Beaucroft.”

100% of parents feel that their child is happy and safe at school and would recommend Beaucroft to other parents.

Recent Comments from parents

Below are some recent quotes from our most recent staff questionnaire:

I feel very supported at Beaucroft and feel comfortable in approaching anyone in the leadership team to bounce ideas or seek advice. I appreciate the level of trust given to me to decide on what works best for my pupils and how this should look in the teaching and learning. I also appreciate SLT’s considerations to staff’s workload and wellbeing when implementing new initiatives and their understanding of individuals who struggle with changes. When I started Beaucroft, I became aware very quickly of the support network across the whole school and how the teaching focused on the needs of the children first so I am delighted that this is firmly still in place and gives me a lot of satisfaction working here.

I have felt well supported and extremely valued, the school has a positive vibe, & great team approach

There is a great sense of team ethos within Beaucroft. Staff are valued; teamwork is integral to everything that we do and everyone is working within the same vision. Having worked in a variety of schools, it has been a great first year for me at Beaucroft. Leaders are supportive, enable staff to develop their skills and knowledge and collaboration is key. The vision for the students is aspirational and it is great to work somewhere where every child’s learning is bespoke and catered to their individual needs. It’s a inspirational place to work in.