Vision and Values

The Aims of the School are:

  • To encourage a support culture amongst pupils and all who work in school in their approach toward common and individual goals.
  • To provide the best possible learning environment so that each pupil may realise his/her full potential.
  • To respond to the pupil’s individual needs as outlined in their statement of special educational needs.
  • To enhance the self esteem of pupils by creating opportunities for success.
  • To give pupils respect and show that they are valued.
  • To give all pupils access to the National Curriculum in ways appropriate to their abilities and age.
  • To extend curricular activities by providing a variety or learning experiences by exploring the wider community through residentials; visits; community work; work experience; college links and links with other schools.
  • To give pupils the opportunity to make choices.
  • To provide consistency and stability during school time.
  • To prepare students for appropriate post 16 opportunities and encourage livelong learning.