Post-16 Enterprises

In Post 16 our young adults take part in the management and running of enterprises to give them experience of work related learning environments.

1HQ – our onsite cafe

Every Wednesday,Thursday and Friday we are open to the public serving sandwiches, paninis, toasties, homemade cakes and a variety of drinks.

Our cafe started as a pop up cafe in Wimborne town at the RAF Association hall (see our blog Post-16  New business start up!). This became a huge success and has grown to a new permanent site by reception at Beaucroft College. Our next aspiration is to have a purpose built cafe opening out onto Redcotts Park.

Arts and Crafts

The students use technology to design and make professional standard arts and crafts to sell in a variety of locations. If you think you know somewhere that would be happy to have a small selection of our stock on display for sale, please do get in touch! You can buy our arts and crafts from both the college and main school reception.

Enterprise at our community garden

Our post-16 students are learning horticulture and gardening skills at our onsite community garden. They grow cut flowers and plants from seed to sell on to the public.

Enterprise competitions

Our students take part in mini enterprise competitions to learn about profit and loss. The students are grouped into mixed ability companies and given a start-up fund. They decide what they want to do and carry out all elements of the business including design, production, marketing and budgets with the aim to make the most profit!

Sweet 16′ Tuck Shop

Sweet 16 is a tuck shop run once a week by the post-16 students. The post-16 students are involved in stock-taking and selling.