Physical Education at Beaucroft aims to offer a variety of physical experiences that are motivating and student-centred, to encourage prosocial feelings i.e., confidence and self-esteem. This is taught through child-led and semi-structured teaching and learning, enabling students to gain motor skills and understanding alongside social interactions of life skills such as co-operation and fair play.

PE as a Vehicle for Learning Life Skills


  • Healthy Living
  • Enjoyment
  • Self-Confidence
  • Health and Safety
  • Body Movements
  • Use of Equipment
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Working With Another/Cooperation
  • Fair Play
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Competition
  • Fitness
  • Vocabulary
  • Looking After Equipment

Progression of physical skills and knowledge is planned across 3 years for each department and builds upon previous skills in the Beaucroft PE Road Map.

Beaucroft PE Road Map

Beaucroft Foundation School PE Curriculum Road Map – 3 Year Plan

Differentiated school curriculum plans

Possible examples of what PE might look like Sensory Exploration (Swimming, spinning, swinging)Experience of varied tasks 
(Personal interest, trampolining) 
Modified sports rules and equipment (volleyball with beach ball) Experience of varied sports 
(Personal interest, archery trampolining) 
Physical movement 
(Climb, hopping, running, skipping) 
Physical movement  
(co-ordination, sequencing) 
Co-ordinated movements (techniques) Physical movement  
(co-ordination, sequencing) 
Cause and effect (Reaction wall) Self-occupying / independence Problem-solving (communication) Safety (looking after equipment) 
Engage in activity with another 
(1-to-1 ball pass)
Social interaction (maintain engagement of a shared task) Social etiquette (rules, teamwork, cooperation, fair play, emotions) Social interaction (maintain engagement of a shared task) 
Positive motivation 
(Parachute game) 
Positive motivation (active learning / cross curricular) Positive motivation  
(Sport out in the community) 
Positive motivation (active learning / cross curricular) 

Early Years

Every morning the early years pupils are encouraged to join in with ‘Wake and Shake’ which is an action song linked to the current topic. All Early Years pupils have access to a weekly swimming session for at least a term, either in the school, heated swimming pool or at Ferndown Leisure Centre in the teaching pool. At Beaucroft school we have an adventure playground which the Early Years pupils have regular access to. The children have access to slides, climbing steps, ramps, spinners, and bridges. Each class in the Early Years setting is providing a weekly music and movement session in their classrooms. Most of our pupils seem to really enjoy these sessions, joining in with actions and exercise. Some of the Early Years staff are trained in using the programme ‘Learn to Move, Move to Learn’ which is a physio based programme designed to assess, target set and monitor pupils with physical needs.  

Juniors & Middle

In Juniors all students have access to wake and shake weekly, alongside morning routines on the playground. The less abled students use sensory diets and sensory circuits including trampettes to support their physical development. More abled students access activities offered in the school to continually challenge their development and gain access to external coaches and sessions provided in school. FA Football provided coaching that also incorporated training of the teaching staff to gain qualifications. In middle, coaches come in to teach street dance in the autumn term and cricket coaching in the spring. Middle school also offer Bikability for external coaches to come in and give a qualification to the students for their participation in the course.


PE sessions in Seniors include winter sports of football, cross country, seated volleyball, crab football, and benchball. In the summer, the students access cricket, rounders, athletics, and tennis. We expand the PE curriculum with additional access to a variety of sports throughout the year. During Options students have choosen Zumba, and Dance with Orchard company. Throughout the year all students participate in swimming in the school pool and work towards water survival skills awards where appropriate. To improve the standard of PE sessions we use a wide variety of external coaches to support the CPD of teachers including Table cricket coaching, Dorset Football, Wimborne cricket coaching, Wimborne rugby coaching, and Wimborne Tennis coaching. These coaching sessions often coincide with the extensive interschool fixtures that are organised across the year between schools in the area.

Post 16

In Post 16, as part of the ASDAN award, a section titled ‘Sport in the community’ works towards experiences that adults take part in, as appropriate hobbies and physical activities they could participate with friends or family beyond school life. Using the gym and fitness equipment in school students work towards their certificated Open Awards diploma and transfer these skills into gyms in the community such as Littledown. Swimming is taught in the summer term giving them opportunities to gain badges for their distance provided by Swim fit sessions.

Off Site Curriculum Activities:

  • Trampolining sessions
  • Rossmore leisure centre
  • Horse riding with the RDA
  • Local play parks
  • Soft play sessions
  • Swimming sessions
  • Ferndown Leisure centre
  • Allendale centre
  • Canford Sports centre
  • Bryanston school Drama
  • Bryanston Dance sessions
  • Sailing RYA
  • Bikability
  • Bowling
  • Tower park leisure park
  • Power walking
  • Duke of Edinburgh award
  • Golf
  • Ferndown Forest