Activities in post-16

Classes 1 and 4 have been demonstrating fantastic sportsmanship during their Sports lessons this term. They worked together to design a series of challenges that would build their strength and speed, as well as help to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Each week they have tried to complete the challenges, gaining points along the way. For example they tried to see how many times they could hit a shuttle cock into the air, without letting it hit the ground – whilst at another stand they tried to throw a ball through different ‘Quidditch Hoops’ gaining points for each successful goal. It has been fantastic to see how their points scores have increased – as well as their willingness to support each other and work as a team. 

Class 1 have also been developing their culinary skills this term. Each half term they choose a new recipe cook and eat for their midday meal. Working in a team, they have learnt to make a shopping list  and visit the supermarket and buy produce. They have then collaborated in teams of four, working on alternative weeks to follow a visual recipe and produce a meal ‘fit for any restaurant’. So far they have learnt to cook Spaghetti Bolognese; Pizzas (from scratch) and Sausages with seasonal vegetables and mashed potato. They are also learning kitchen skills and hygiene skills too!