Beaucroft Community

What have Mango and Leo been up to?

Mango helping with the cleaning
Mango and Leo enjoying the sunshine
Leo hiding in her house

Making a breakfast smoothie

After a morning of school work we chilled out being creative.. can’t wait for this spicy peanut chicken curry tonight!

Fruit Kebabs
D&T, baking cakes and a peanut chicken curry!

Here is George with the cheesy loaf he made on Tuesday!

We have been digging and planting more bulbs and have been making a big rainbow on the fence, which we finished today!

Alex has been creating a tuck shop at home!

Emily has been making coffees and teas for mum and dad. She is making sandwiches for herself at lunch time. We have also planted lots of seeds and ordered strawberry plants and seed potatoes. 

Clair Penny has been doing some gardening, can you name any of the flowers in the photos?

Can you name the flowers?

A message from Post 16

A message from Post 16

Alex completing a football challenge set by AFC Bournemouth Community Team.  He took 36 seconds – can anyone beat his time?

AFC Bournemouth Football Challenge!

A cooking lesson with James

Phoebe making cakes at home

Iain from Corfe with a handy cleaning tip!

Home Learning with Jo and her family