Caring Canines

Last Friday we had a visit from The Caring Canines.  They came into class with 6 dogs all of different breeds. We had two greyhounds called Frankie and Melo. Then we also had Fudge, Alfie, Willow and Freddie. The dogs interacted well with the class. The dogs showed us some tricks. The children stroked, walked and fed the dogs.

Then the dogs and the whole class had a class photo. Some of the dogs had Christmas hats on.

We invite them in yearly, to help with dog phobias. We currently have a student, who 3 years ago wouldn’t go anywhere near a dog as they were scared, they now have a pet dog at home. This is thanks to the work of the caring canines and the work we have continued to do throughout the past 3 years when out and about and encountering dogs.