Primary Times Dorset

Primary Times Dorset  distribute a regular magazine to families, with the aim being to provide details of all the fun, exciting and educational events going on locally during the summer holidays.

This year, things being as they are, they are unable to do so. Instead for the ‘Summer Primary Times Dorset’ the organisation would like to offer parents links to virtual things to do and learning for children.

The contributors will all be from the local community and economy. The idea being to offer regularly updated and refreshed information throughout the summer, as and when received.

Parents can load the link below to signup to the first E-Newsletter here:

Photo Challenge for May!

Zoe has organised a new Photo Challenge for all pupils to take part in.

  • The aim is to use a phone/ ipad/ camera etc to take one photo a day for a whole month, with a different theme per day.
  • At the end of the May, create a collage of your photos and send them to Zoe:
  • The entries will be published on the school website.
  • Zoe will be setting topics that they can be done from home/ in their gardens/ on their daily exercise.
  • More details of the topics to follow….they will be added to the blog!

Good luck to everyone!!

Colouring Competition For All Beaucroft Pupils 🙂

Zoe has been busy arranging a colouring competition for all Beaucroft pupils.

  • There will be a small prize for the winning entry in each area of the school (Early Years, Juniors, Middle, Seniors, Post 16).
  • Our Co-Headteachers, Joe and Di, will be judging the entries.
  • Winners will be announced Friday 29th May 2020.
  • The winning entries will be published on the website.
  • Seniors / Post 16 students can design their own poster, if they don’t want to colour in the picture.

Please can entries be sent directly to

Good luck to everyone!


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