Purbeck class trip to Harry Potter studios

In March, the Purbeck class enjoyed a trip to the Harry Potter studios.  The class had listened to the story of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ during the Autumn Term and enjoyed it so much that they persuaded the staff to organise a trip to the studios.

harry potter studio tour 257

“It was awesome and amazing!”

“It was a brilliant trip!”

“I enjoyed looking at the magic wands.”

“Aragog the Spider was AWESOME!!”

“The butter beer was horrible and gross!”

We would like to say thanks to the John Thornton Foundation for supporting this trip and to the staff who kindly volunteered to help on the day.

It was a fantastic day, one of the highlights of the year!  We’re all now looking forward to our upcoming residential trip in the summer term.

Purbeck Class.