South Korean students visit Beaucroft

This week (Monday 8th October to Wednesday 10th October) we have had a group of South Korean students from WonJu City, come to visit us in school. There were 8 students, aged between 7 and 12 years old and 2 adults. They spent time in the following classes Lulworth, Edison, Braille, Brunel, Sharks, Turtles, Portland, Newton and the Seahorses came to see them too in Lulworth classroom.

The Koreans shared some traditional Korean music, food, chopsticks skills, crafts, games, skipping, clothes, sign language and some Korean words. Then the English classes did some activities for the Korean’s.

In Lulworth class we learned about traditional Korean life styles, houses, schools, life. We heard some Korean music, and learned some Korean sign language. They children taught our children some origami. We played some traditional English party games, like pass the parcel and musical statues. We went for a walk in the woods and played hide and seek. We made Jelly with our Korean friends and had some “English party food”. We shared reading books with our Korean friends.

The Korean visit links in with our topic next half term, which is Asia. So we learned lots of interesting facts ready for that topic.

The Korean’s said they had a very good time here and wished they could spend longer with us. They really enjoyed meeting us and interacting with us. They learned a lot about culture from us, and would like to visit again.