NAS EarlyBird Plus FoB’s (Friends of Birds) 2014-2015

NAS EarlyBird Plus

FoB’s (Friends of Birds)  2014-2015


Dates of Meetings


Wednesday 22nd October 2014              13.00-14.30 pm

Wednesday 26th November 2014           13.00 -14.30 pm

Thursday 8th January 2015                    10.00- 11.30 am

Thursday 12th February 2015                 13.00-14.30 pm

Thursday 19th March 2015                     13.00-14.30 pm

Thursday 16th April 2015                       10.00-11.30 am

Wednesday 20th May 2015                     13.00-14.30 pm

Thursday 25th June 2015                       13.00-14.30 pm


We look forward to seeing any parents that have completed the EarlyBird Plus programme, at these sessions.

If in the meantime you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Ros McGill or Catherine Ephgrave on 01202 886083 or email

New Website

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The website can only give a snapshot, or part of the picture of Beaucroft, to find out more, please call and arrange a visit.


Paul McGill