Momo Challenge: Information for Parents & Carers from Dorset Police Cyber Crime Unit

Have you heard about the Momo Challenge? The “game”, played via Whatsapp, involves contacting “MoMo”, who issues a series of challenges – the final challenge, reportedly, being suicide. It’s been getting a lot of press over the last few days, and is understandably causing parents a lot of concern.

It is worth noting that a lot of the hype around “Momo” is being generated by popular YouTubers posting videos of themselves taking part, capitalizing on the apparent popularity of the trend. Although a lot of the information about the Momo Challenge is rather concerning, the number of reported cases of children harming themselves because of the game is extremely low. The challenge has alleged ties to three cases of teens killing themselves in Asia and South America, but there is nothing that proves that it was the direct cause.

This article from Parent Zone gives an overview of what it’s all about. Separate fact from fiction, and learn how to help keep your kids safe here:

Three-Minute Briefing: The Momo Challenge | Parent Zone While scrolling through the news or social media, you may have glanced an image depicting a stretched, disfigured face with bulging eyes and large smile, attached to a bird’s

Bats Visit Middle School!

As part of our Animals in their Environment we had some bats in to visit the Middle school. The bats were from the charity East Dorset Bat Rescue and Rehabilitation. We had two guest speakers here (for 2 and a half hours): Sally and Marika.

They showed us a variety of bats, who have all been rescued.  The children were not allowed to touch the bats, as only licenced people are allowed to handle bats, but they all enjoyed looking at them and asking lots of questions.

Natural Disasters Topic

Our Middle school topics at the moment are Natural disasters and animals in their habitats.

As part of the natural disasters topic Lulworth class have spent the past few weeks making a model town with 4 different Natural Disasters: Tornado, Flood/Tsunami, Earthquake and Blizzard. We have displayed it in the Middle school corridor for everyone to see.

RAFA café – open to all!

We are now open to all! We had our first week this week serving members of the public. Do come and join us for homemade cakes and drinks from 10.30 am and sandwiches and toasties are served between 12.00 and 1.30 pm.

Here are some more pictures of our students hard at work

Post-16 – New business start up!

Post-16 now have a cafe running at the RAFA club in Wimborne every Wednesday!! We are open from 10.30 am for drinks and cakes and then serving lunch from 12.00 – 1.30 pm. Please come and join us for homemade cakes, sandwiches and toasties!

Here are some pictures from our practice session last week.

RAFA Café - open Tuesdays to Thursdays 10.00 am to 1.30pm