Snakes and Geckos at Beaucroft!

Yesterday a male 1 year old Royal python called Zo and a 4 month old leopard gecko, called Gizmo visited Lulworth class. We watched some information videos about where they live and what they like to eat, before the children were allowed to handle them. To begin with some of the children were a bit nervous, but by the end of the day they all touched or held or had the reptiles on their laps

Hedgehog visits Lulworth class

Yesterday we had a 22 week old tri- coloured hedgehog come to visit the class.

We learned about where they live and what they eat.

The children enjoyed watching it run across the floor and sniff them. They all stroked the hedgehog and were surprised that it was soft, not prickly. They are only prickly when they are scared.

The hedgehog rolled into a ball, which the children found extremely funny.

Caring Canines

Last Friday we had a visit from The Caring Canines.  They came into class with 6 dogs all of different breeds. We had two greyhounds called Frankie and Melo. Then we also had Fudge, Alfie, Willow and Freddie. The dogs interacted well with the class. The dogs showed us some tricks. The children stroked, walked and fed the dogs.

Then the dogs and the whole class had a class photo. Some of the dogs had Christmas hats on.

We invite them in yearly, to help with dog phobias. We currently have a student, who 3 years ago wouldn’t go anywhere near a dog as they were scared, they now have a pet dog at home. This is thanks to the work of the caring canines and the work we have continued to do throughout the past 3 years when out and about and encountering dogs.

Lush visit

Lush came to visit two of our Post-16 groups during their work related learning sessions. The staff from Lush helped the students to make bath bombs to sell at our Christmas Fayre.

Senegal Parrots Visit Beaucroft

In Lulworth class, we are learning about Animals and their habitats, as part of our Science topic.

Last week we had a visit from two Senegal parrots.  One is called Mango. He is 5-6 years old. He can talk, when he wants to. The second one is called Leo, she is about 27 years old. She doesn’t talk. They are both rescue parrots. They love to eat pellets, fruit, veg, seeds and nuts.

The children all enjoyed holding, stroking and having Leo sit on their shoulders. Mango stayed in his cage and the children looked at him through the cage.

The parrots come into school regularly. Both parrots and children enjoy the encounters.

The children enjoy learning about them and watching clips on the internet.

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